Monthly Archives: August 2016

glass turns to even blue

glass turns to even blue—
i cannot hide from you.
the blank stare, the menacing
smile uncontrollably descend
in hope you’ll comprehend
some small hint i may
have elicited of sun,
how much brighter my light
is as i project across the sky
the likeness of a rose who
reflects my love— who resembles
you before this mirror where
i look and chastise myself
with this here my derelict
conviction; both my certainty
and uncertainty brawl with
one another throughout the
nights and leave me beat and
bruised…. the pain reminds
me how much it hurts to drink
solitude from a broken glass

poem©mrg 8/25/16

All About the Grail

Before I can attempt to inspire anyone, I think I ought to return to a time when I was inspired.  A lecture room in college, my Comic Spirit guide, Professor Ray LaCoste, showed the class The Fisher King. Starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, the movie is about a radio shock jock who influences an unstable caller to commit a mass killing at a popular restaurant.  To repay his karmic debt, Jeff Bridges character is urged to retrieve a trophy, believed by Parry (Robin Williams) to be the grail; he does this to restore harmony and Parry back to his normal mental state.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the grail.  Like writing, it fascinates me.  To think that there is an entire discipline devoted to studying the grail under Celtic and Christian traditions, this “cup” with magical powers thought to bring immortality… why was I then stuck trying to find connections of nostalgia between Southern and Asian American literature?  I don’t know, but the answer arrives finally.

I don’t think this renewed interest in the idea of the grail is possible if I didn’t first get a sense of the world I live in, the places I move through and the behaviors exhibited before me.  Why so much chaos, why so much betrayal and why so much uncertainty?  Is it because the idea of the grail rarely crosses our minds these days?

The grail isn’t so much a container or receptacle, a cauldron or a goblet, but rather a kind act that is noble and unselfish.  It is self-sacrifice at the pinnacle when we are faced with our own limitations… do we or do we not?  In the end, I hope, we choose to forge on because it is the right thing to procure one such grail on behalf of one who needs to heal, who needs to live or who needs to smile again.  The grail is a small good thing to keep in mind, with the possibility, perhaps, to reset one’s life towards a better path.

in hope, i’ll be guided—
the grail in your eyes resembles
nothing like a cup imagined,
the golden chalice stored
inside my mind’s tabernacle;
you are a vessel, nonetheless,
filled with red wine named
after goodness and kind, and
a small sip shall heal all
madness and rage, the jealousy
and my sometime overly critical
ways— my tendency to disparage
rather than align you with
the most High… to drink you
shall be penance….
so please… please look at me
and let me drink of your vision,
forgiveness in this lifetime
hangs on the rim
from those gentle eyes
i seek in the dark

poem©mrg 8/26/16