cresscors, clamshells and box tubs

cresscors, clamshells and box tubs;
blue non-latex gloves; red buckets
filled halfway with sanitation water;
unpolished non-slip shoes, checkered
pants and a white chef coat—
i immersed myself for you,
learned a second language
just to speak to you.
sunsets, breaking waves,
birthdays, holidays… often
times i missed because of you.
non existent sick days when
a cold persists is remedied
with scalding water fused
with lemon and ginger—
i drink what my tongue permits
to convince myself i am
still in love with you

poem©mrg 10/17/16

Three Cresscors In A Row. Photo©mrg 2016

Three Cresscors In A Row. Photo©mrg 2016.