Monthly Archives: December 2016

with this cup i behold a thousand

with this cup i behold a thousand
days without the loveliness of
your hands whose lavender rose
plucked too late in winter follow
upon the hill after boots and
gothic slacks, a black shirt i
wish to open and unbutton myself
to peer inside your slender
novel whose white, delicate pages
i turn over and over in my head
as i devour words embedded against
your skin… the freckled symbolism,
the run-on sentences i kiss and
reconstruct with my tongue. i
happily redefine the meaning
of your flesh as they run-on to me,
persuasively– their exclamations
heal me and pardon my jealousy,
simultaneously, for you are a
borrowed book i never want to lend
out to anyone else in this world

poem©mrg 8/25/16

if i pray before this window

if i pray before this window
kneel in front of the sun
can i summon the winds
and their most potent gusts
to pummel through these
strange shackles about my
heart; the indignant fear
in a grasp ’round my neck
seizes me and i cannot
begin to swallow, let
alone digest this
whatumucallit love, force-
fed down my throat

poem©mrg 10/19/16

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love. What is this really? A love without conditions. The “no-matter-what” kind of love. A love without boundaries. Love without pride. Unselfish love. These are all noble and applicable definitions, but the one that really sticks to me is the idea of loving someone no matter the pain one may have caused you. Because even if there is joy in love, there is also pain. Pain so great the idea of cancelling someone from our lives and letting them go becomes an option. This proceeds the idea of separation and oblivion… to forget forever everything. Loving someone past all that pain, past all the disappointment and failures, past all the errors… that, somehow, to me. makes sense as the make up of unconditional love.

a love once incapable
i concealed before you,
who draws forth gold
from these chambers,
a treasure without
conditions; the range
of my heart, boundless
in its readiness to
reveal to you the
infinite attempts
to commit if you
let me paint my
intentions with
wonder, forgive my
trials and errors
if i can arrive ever
so enlightened and
better for you

poem©mrg 12/27/16

at last, you have mended

at last, you have mended,
and there is no cause
to scramble or beget
uncertainty. only i must
present you with great
confidence my ambition
to appreciate each line
across your forehead (just
as your palms)… and there
determine our path, each
curvaceous and tumultuous
road we must ride from
down towards sunset where
we arrive lone like rangers
mounted on love as waves
bring us over onto its
threshold and we crash
heavily inside one another—
in hope, we are drenched forever,
breathless at the same time

poem©mrg 12/9/16

if only you can forgive

if only you can forgive
what i’ve readily detested
in myself, perhaps, we have
a chance (and your acceptance
shall extend the life of my
mind, open borders where,
previously, my heart declared
its fences); watch how these
great walls crumble at the
helm of your feet where
you’ll find me, in my
eternally grateful posture,
“i am grateful,” i repeat,
“i am grateful,” yes, indeed

poem©mrg 12/6/16