Rain or A Lack Thereof

It rained last night and through the morning and this encouraged much sleep. It was nice. For the first time, I wasn’t worried about the suffering grass, the random plants and trees outside drying up and my father’s orchids. Southern California has been especially dry in the last year or so. I’ve seen countless water saving reminders go up as an amber alert on many freeways. It usually only posts traffic incidents and children who’ve gone missing because they’ve been abducted by certain license-plated cars. In the last year, however, California’s need to save water has been of concern for many because this precious resource is also being abducted away from us. The lack of rain cannot possibly supply the overwhelming amount of sprawling lawns multiplying over the years or supplement our increasingly wasteful manners. The drought isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. It becomes a welcome lesson which teaches us to evaluate our water use… where can we cut from and how much more can we save everyday? It’s not hard to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or while scrubbing up when taking a shower. It’s not difficult to alternate days watering the lawn. And it’s not particularly challenging to wipe down your car clean with just a few gallons of water. Well, okay, that was a bit challenging, but I wouldn’t have known until I tried.

Changing habits is difficult at times, but putting in the effort is well worth it. And if ever the task of changing my water habits got too irritable and guilt-ridden for me, I think about places like Flint, Michigan where there’s a scarcity in safe water, not to mention the time spent in the Philippines where some nights many were hard-pressed for water because the city didn’t have enough for everyone. If one ever wondered why certain things were the way they were, it’s probably to prepare us for what’s ahead. What I experienced as a child in the Philippines somehow prepared me for this. And this drought isn’t a dent, but rather a continuation of what I learned long ago.

rain simply
christens anew,
washes away
the foreboding
in order
to forgive
a past too
belabored, i am much
too preoccupied
with… so i
surrender like
all beasts
untamed into
the grandeur
of light and
let these
drops of
water guide
me towards
my new

poem©mrg 1/9/17

2 thoughts on “Rain or A Lack Thereof

  1. Amelia Jane

    Thank you for the reminder that water is very precious. I need to be more mindful of how I use it.

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