you are the chaos in my head

you are the chaos in my head.
like a storm, you swell into
a typhoon whose rains i
cannot stop— you drench
me again and again, flood
me out from this safest
corner where i swim,
reluctantly, inching
forward into a stroke-like
paint across a canvass as
i try to conjure the colors
to your visage, what red
your lips impart, no doubt
streaks of desire which
beckon me quickly come
forward and surrender.
seize and arrest me for
this only crime of passion
is that i want you as i
want nothing else in this
world (except God)… so
please sentence me to life
inside your cages, there
where your heart resides,
the only place, inevitably,
i want to do my time

poem©mrg 9/8/16