the light bestowed

the light bestowed,
the enormous responsibility—
God in His iridescence
communes with us,
closer than we perceive.
He is in every petal
of each edible flower;
He exists in the pleasing
disagreement between
sweet and salt upon
tongues… the granules
of sugar underneath fingertips,
occasionally, sweep across
stainless steel tables
in a race with the clock
against temperamental chocolate—
what cocoa i manipulate
from your agitated crystals,
only God knows…
only God knows…

poem©mrg 10/19/16

Note: My ode to pastry where kitchen life really began; where no one told me chocolate wasn’t the only one temperamental, but the French chef who tempered it. A rude awakening no doubt, but all good. Plenty of lesson there. Been revisiting some old poems. Wrote this one about a year ago. Didn’t realize until now why I had written it because entering it now feels a lot like letting go. So be it… only God knows a whole lot of these “goings-on.”