the rocking horse

the rocking horse,
content in its stillness
rocks steadily
upon command;
his tiny body
like Napoleon
stirred by ambition,
steers towards
his imaginary creek
and gallops through a portal—
a vast unknown territory,
his manifest destiny.
he gathers his only soldier,
Mupsy, the dog, his lieutenant
in arms; together, he knows,
they must conquer.
he rocks the horse mightily
and charges onward, certain,
of what he must do, else suffer
the consequences, if he doesn’t

poemmrg 5/17/16, rev. 2/7/17

For My Best Buddy, KSP, whose innate passion for music inspires me, whose laughter brings me joy and whose loyalty and admiration humbles me always. Happy Birthday Buddy! Count on many more poems I shall write for you!