my deplorable ego

my deplorable ego
here screams with
vengeance. tongue-
tied outbursts and
cursed lashings
make for a supernova
come alive with
a thousand bolts
striking down
innocence as
though words are
a machete which
will cut through
your tongue and
pierce the very
heart of you to
redeem my pride
instead of
forsaking it….
i’ve forsaken you,
dipped my hand
in the same water
as you, and i know
i cannot escape
the turmoil swole
inside of me, this
inherent nature of
madness shaming me
through and through
as it plunges me
into a chasm
i’ve never known
before… this
culture of rage and
fury well inside
of me, multiplying
like cells dividing
in mitosis, only
i’m the only one
not replicating—
i’m the only one
not yet grown

poem©mrg 2/21/17