Tests Abound: My Pursuit Of Spirituality

Everywhere is a test. The spiritual path is flanked with this. It’s not based on Calculus or Chemistry formulas … two subjects quite fierce during my college years, but rather on our ability to perform simple acts of kindness. True kindness, as opposed to the superficial kind, in relation to our reactions and honesty.

In pursuing my own spiritual path, I discovered that it is about restoring innocence amidst a world flanked by insincerity and violence. It’s about being courageous with sharing love despite its lack or continued absence around us. Above all, it’s about following in Jesus’ brand of kindness and compassion… being without self, without ego or pride. I found this a tall order, I wish, at times, the spiritual path is about taking a Calculus or Chemistry test. But it isn’t. Being the best person one can be everyday is very challenging. What helps is to remember that spirituality isn’t about perfection, but rather, when the lesson repeats itself, it is about the refinement of our everyday interactions and reactions. I’m not on that level yet, though I aspire daily.

And that’s all anybody can really do sometimes… try and move an inch towards our spiritual goals. God doesn’t ask for much, but He does ask we try in small ways, using the gifts or talents we’ve all been bequeathed with, to spread a little love, spread a little kindness all around us.

everywhere you are—
my infinite understanding.
if only i’d stay still
and let my faith stand;
i believe i can be
a better person for you today
than i was yesterday
despite my ambiguities,
in all the ways you think
i may have strayed.
i don’t dare ignore
the caskets our hearts
laid before us…
i did not foresee
our inevitable demise
even before we can
initiate anything;
and i don’t know
if my consciousness
unplugged me from
you, but i search
everywhere for your
chords because i want
back in your currents—
pin you against the wall
make us electric once more

poem©mrg 3/6/17

Note: The spiritual path is also about finding and expressing our greatest love… that most excellent love we are capable of expressing to or for another.

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