in the end we must bear it all

in the end we must bear it all,
this coat of arms removed away
from our own insecurities. i swear,
i won’t let you down, myself
in all of my own vulnerabilities
shall intercept the heft of
your guilt, the burden you carry
that mistakes me for someone
incapable of ushering you from your
dark phases when i stand beside
you ready to strip you off of
your moons and blanket you with
stars, a galaxy full inside me
awaits to embrace you from
the obstinate density of
indifference and how you think
you might wear me out because
i am nothing like the world
you want to inhabit, but you
and i are the only sense we make
of this universe… so why do
we even extend pretenses
if certainty of us abounds

poem©mrg 3/8/17