each dollar slips away

each dollar slips away,
faster than i can seize and hold;
even if i can get a grip on it,
it rushes from my pockets like
it can’t wait to run away, loose
itself among the millions duped
inside some name brand store
where i didn’t care for the
purchase itself, only i believed
the tales they told, how much
i needed it and how better my
life would be if i had the
sixth item in the newest color.
this is how money shrinks, and
how i shrink after everything
liquidates in one irrational
moment to buy into a temporary
high of nothingness which
reflects me and leaves me
lost and abandoned, regretting
the aftermath of following
a trend, which never was so
welcoming, only i participated
over and over like it would
make some difference because
i too dared to fit into places
where i thought i might belong…
i just wish it didn’t cost me
an arm and a leg to stand this
close to your perimeter, to
access the inner parts of you

poem©mrg 3/30/17