about mary rose gahon


©2016 Photo by the enticingly beautiful “mj”

mary rose gahon has been quite obsessed about writing for many years. Since her early introduction to the works of Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, she has inevitably been hooked on writing. Fueled by a persistent desire to refine herself as a writer, mary rose gahon pursued literature in college before jumping into culinary studies. She published under mr gahon through the following blogs: onehungrypoetloveshungrypoet, poeticalsounds and morethansandwiches.

Grailblaze is mary rose gahon’s ambitious effort towards oneness. This particular blog is rooted from a desire to find balance and eventual fluidity between her love of writing and continued practice in the realm of food. She labors as a cook by day and poet/writer/baker throughout the rest of her time. When she isn’t cooking or writing, she’s probably meditating. It is her hope that you, as the reader, will enjoy her “wordy” contributions.

Thank you for reading and visiting the site today. God bless and have a wonderful day!

Note: All works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry pieces are written by mary rose gahon unless indicated otherwise.  All artworks by mary rose gahon unless noted otherwise.