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When Love Spirals…

When love spirals, a feeling of being slighted kicks in and resentment follows. That used to be the flow of things, but something about that doesn’t feel quite right anymore. Feeling hurt, feeling slighted somehow doesn’t compliment the spiritually evolving consciousness. For however much we want to just withdraw and forget about the whole relationship, or the beginning of one, there lies that bit of conscience, that intuition whispering it’s not the answer, this is not the end. That despite the hurt or the slight we feel, perhaps it is best to stand aside and let love run its course. Because love is understanding; it is equipped with self-healing properties that, if we trust enough, will mend what is pierced, what is broken. Perhaps, it will heal the person whose pain trickles over to us. If we don’t give in and simply allow love in, maybe there’s a chance for survival… to soar instead of spiraling down.

your love
i’ve searched
beneath the murky
waters where i once
found gold. a nugget,
like early settlers
whose trace of
opportunity lies
in a motherlode.
cake, not. but gold.
necklace, gold. watch.
solid gold time never
runs out, never
depletes, how infinite
energy sometimes when
there is enough light
reserved in one
vessel, a light bulb,
you on a lamp i want
to turn on if you’ll
only let me twist
the switch

mrg©poem 3/27/17

Laughter is Love Too

Laughter is the best remedy. My professor in Comic Spirit taught me this and it is the only lesson, above all the Shakespeare and Latin learnin’ I did in college, I keep and apply in my everyday life. I didn’t get to truly apply the lesson to heart until I went out into the workforce and witnessed man’s misery firsthand which surrounded me from job to job. Not too many people laughed. Not too many smiled. Not too many went out of their way to make someone laugh or smile. So then I understood why it was my professor was in such a frenzy for his students to learn the ideas behind the Comic Spirit, how the gift of laughter dismantles the individuals’ well-fortified facade which then enables him or her to participate in the human experience in a more communal manner.

This world swarms with selfish tendencies. We only think about ourselves most times, what we’re in it for and advancement at any cost. It may not be half bad, but when it compromises the well being of another human being, that’s a whole different story altogether. Without the ability to look at ourselves with a comic filter, to be able to laugh at ourselves, selfishness snowballs. Instead of love, we become hateful, detestable and miserable human beings ready to betray, ready to disregard, ready to dismember for whatever selfish cause we hold close to us.

Imagine then having just a touch of joy in our lives… the willingness to share joy with others, inspiring laughter/goodness in others, making an effort to connect with one another through laughter, perhaps mortality will be cut in half. The pain that at times encourages people to commit heinous acts against one another, may also be cut in half if not more because for once we decided to evaluate the love that reverberates from laughter. Laughter is connection, in essence, it is love too.

if it were laughter
i can wrap inside
a box and give to
you, i’d regift
myself over and over
if only you didn’t
shrink away, scare
so easily, disappointed
over my efforts
to make you laugh
because you refuse
to see how i can
unravel your sadness
with true elation

poem©mrg 3/22/17

Tests Abound: My Pursuit Of Spirituality

Everywhere is a test. The spiritual path is flanked with this. It’s not based on Calculus or Chemistry formulas … two subjects quite fierce during my college years, but rather on our ability to perform simple acts of kindness. True kindness, as opposed to the superficial kind, in relation to our reactions and honesty.

In pursuing my own spiritual path, I discovered that it is about restoring innocence amidst a world flanked by insincerity and violence. It’s about being courageous with sharing love despite its lack or continued absence around us. Above all, it’s about following in Jesus’ brand of kindness and compassion… being without self, without ego or pride. I found this a tall order, I wish, at times, the spiritual path is about taking a Calculus or Chemistry test. But it isn’t. Being the best person one can be everyday is very challenging. What helps is to remember that spirituality isn’t about perfection, but rather, when the lesson repeats itself, it is about the refinement of our everyday interactions and reactions. I’m not on that level yet, though I aspire daily.

And that’s all anybody can really do sometimes… try and move an inch towards our spiritual goals. God doesn’t ask for much, but He does ask we try in small ways, using the gifts or talents we’ve all been bequeathed with, to spread a little love, spread a little kindness all around us.

everywhere you are—
my infinite understanding.
if only i’d stay still
and let my faith stand;
i believe i can be
a better person for you today
than i was yesterday
despite my ambiguities,
in all the ways you think
i may have strayed.
i don’t dare ignore
the caskets our hearts
laid before us…
i did not foresee
our inevitable demise
even before we can
initiate anything;
and i don’t know
if my consciousness
unplugged me from
you, but i search
everywhere for your
chords because i want
back in your currents—
pin you against the wall
make us electric once more

poem©mrg 3/6/17

Note: The spiritual path is also about finding and expressing our greatest love… that most excellent love we are capable of expressing to or for another.

Patience, If It Were My Virtue

There’s a reason for everything, that much I know. A reason why we missed the bus, why the traffic is so backed up or why there’s a sudden change of plans. I know there’s reason. I think not knowing the reason or waiting years and years for a reason to be revealed is the most irritating part. Why can’t we not know the reason? Now?

So much of patience is still yet to be learned. I think this is the lesson ahead of me. Just when I thought I have this much patience, I find I don’t. It catapults to aggravation without self-control and it becomes this whole ugly mess where I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. I didn’t know I embodied such a negativity, I didn’t know I had it in me. And so I am brought down a level where it eventually gratifies me to reach an awareness of what it is I haven’t mastered in myself. So I retreat into a silence, this continual contemplation in search of a way to forgive and thereby correct myself. For what good would I be to those around me if I cannot begin to have patience as my virtue?

Patience is a virtue. That’s what they say. However, half the time, I find myself rarely a virtuous person. Though I try as any human being can. I try to be patient. I hope I improve in time.

patience would have me
distance myself from you.
there’s a readiness
not yet in place.
only He knows
and i don’t.
the reasons
you stay away.
i cannot question,
and i fear something
worse may happen
if i begin to doubt…
so everything in His care
i leave, my life and yours
i entrust in Him

poem©mrg 3/1/17

When Someone Leaves…

The details of our lives need observation. These are the sentences, after all, which can rightfully say what’s going on in our lives. To hope is one thing, but to hope when we see the rightful answers before us is another thing. And the answer probably lies in acceptance of a situation, why certain people are uprooted from our lives and why others stay. It’s a gift either way. The idea that someone stayed means that there are lessons still to impart while someone leaving may mean that they have done exactly what it is they are meant to do in our lives. The latter is bittersweet, but the more I agonize over the why, the more I’m left to flounder in the neutrality of the non-answer. It is what it is. They left, uprooted. They are not meant to stay. And if this is God’s answer, then I’ve stubbornly questioned it to its demise. The silence is humbling, He is patient with me. And if I am to respond to this silence that slightly stings when I wonder about that person, I must respond with compassion. Extend the greatest patience upon myself… do not recoil, do not withdraw from the world. Simply accept the currents and motions of the rivers and follow it. There’s no use going against it.

the torment you leave
behind rattles my skin.
nervousness, anxiety
creeps into every crevice
denying me tranquility
which i have sought long
before you arrived and
monopolized my mind;
but you leave me without
trace to find even the
subtlest sound your voice
have teased me out away
from my hiding. and now
that i have shown my face,
revealed all my cards…
you throw down so easily
as though i’m a bet
not worth gambling for

poem©mrg 2/20.17