2017 Poems:
o3/10 i’m trying to make sense of time
03/09 in the end we must bear it all
03/08 your quiet attitude
03/02 you who i dare to love
03/01 a madness descends
02/23 you are the sun
02/22 my deplorable ego
02/16 you extract from me wonder
02/15 so few have these stolen nights
02/07 the rocking horse
02/04 i don’t get to hear you
01/31 in the midst of chaos
01/28 i cannot begin to think
01/26 apples don’t need oranges
01/24 i’m quite selfish
01/23 the light bestowed
01/21 she is silent
01/17 drowned in your essence
01/14 there is a light in you
01/10 you are the chaos in my head
01/07 with this residual voice
01/05 i miss you
01/04 do i follow you with chaos
01/04 yellow-orange cheeks

2016 Poems:
12/28 with this cup i behold a thousand
12/28 if i pray before this window
12/22 at last, you have mended
12/22 if only you can forgive
12/08 is it natural to miss you
12/02 how much i want to get close
11/29 i hope you know more to love
11/22 cresscors, clamshells and box tubs
11/15 still making sense
11/15 yours is a world i must travel
11/10 your residual scent— they fade
11/05 shall i pick up
11/02 i watched you for days
10/28 even through the noise
10/26 God removed you
10/20 how can i forge you
10/18 will you tire of my love
10/13 no walls confine me
10/11 in every way, you are
10/06 realms of fire
10/04 you are a single flower…
09/29 i am your mistaken love
09/27 your inevitability in my cupped hands
09/22 love brings me to you
09/20 things i had to let go…
09/16 there is a light in you
09/14 you begin to fade II
09/09 such tender mystery in your eyes
09/07 you begin to fade
09/02 the evening captures your wide eyes
08/31 glass turns to even blue