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no flashlight, no spotlight

no flashlight, no spotlight—
i wish it were that easy.
the cosmos did not pull
you towards me only to
witness the smoke from
your cigarettes or the
ends of your butts, smashed
in a trail leading towards
the bathroom door, behind
where you hide, fundamentally
capable of more needles,
more spoon with a lighter
underneath striking, sparking
a lighter mirrored upon rows
of tiny bruises against your
left arm, where i know
the hallucination pierces
through. and for a moment
you think you are kind
to the universe and the
universe is kind to you—
until the reckless sets in
and this becomes more of
an addiction than it is
recreation because it no
longer impresses anybody
and i can’t stand to watch
anymore, scoop you over
and over to revive and
hope i can have you
return to the beginning
when i wish it wasn’t too late
to have you feed into a
different kind of addiction…
love i’ll inject myself over
and over into your veins
if it means to save
you from yourself

poem©mrg 2/16/17